Walls covered with poster of legends, constructing a house of dreams.
(card house from an old pack of baseball cards on plastic storage boxes)


Walter Mingledorff (b. 1995, Florida) is somewhere between being an artist and designer currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. In June of 2023 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a MA in Social Design. While also holding a BA in Furniture Design from Appalachian State University. While academically trained in design he is constantly trying to blend the two worlds of art and design. Taking from experiences working as an art fabricator for Gaetano Pesce and designing furniture for Faye Toogood Studio, there is always two feet on each side of the line. Right now he is focused on uncovering meanings of cultural objects and signifiers that can be found in the ineffable interactions of every day life, the relationship between human and non-human that creates an impact on individuals identity. This focus comes through experimenting with found object sculptures and collages.